young people drive takeaway dessert sales

When you hear the word "takeaway", everyone immediately thinks of savoury food. But a survey from Brioche Pasquier has found that 58% of 16-24-year-olds and 62% of 25-34-year-olds have ordered a takeaway dessert in 2020, against 35% of 45-54-year-olds in the UK.
This means that there is a clear correlation between age and the purchase of desserts. “Takeaway and delivery are being driven by the younger age groups, and they order what they feel like at the time, which does not necessarily mean a main meal,” said Matt Grenter, Foodservice Sales Manager.
“Desserts are growing part of the takeaway and delivery business, and COVID has fuelled this trend as lockdown and tiers have meant that at certain times takeaway has been the only option for consumers who want to eat ‘out’,” continued Grenter.
Nowadays, it is very easy to order an indulgent dessert from your smartphone or laptop, thanks to the many food delivery companies on the market.
The data of the survey says that the most important factors for choosing a takeaway dessert for all the target audience are a combination of enjoyment and practicality, with 30% mentioning taste as the most important factor, followed by price (23%) and durability (14%).
Clearly, the right packaging for takeaway desserts is key to portability, especially because this needs to ensure temperature insulation. The packaging also allows the restaurants to be creative and use different materials, such as decorative parchment paper and crafted stickers, all of which are designed to enhance the offerings and attract more customers.
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