what we do

We're a dynamic London- and New York-based business with a mission: to do whatever it takes to transform the global food and beverage industry for the better.


Through our in-house brand development, marketing, and sales distribution teams, we create and help established customer-centric brands to meet ever-changing market needs swiftly, all while prioritising the well-being of our planet.

helping retailers sell more

We help retail buyers find and make bespoke products to fit their customers' demand and boost category performance through: 

  • Product sourcing & distribution
  • Private label

adding value to manufacturers

We work with manufacturers to create new products for retailers through:

  • Brand creation 
  • Brand management
  • Product development

working with brand owners

We maximise brand value by extending your brand into the food & drink market via:

  • New product development 
  • Brand extension  
  • Product representation