pizza hut's pizza box with built in foosball table

Pizza Hut Hong Kong has just launched its “12th Player Club in an innovative fashion. Making a pizza box that has a foosball table built into the box. We love this concept as it means that your pizza box is no longer just discarded away and is instead re-used to interact with. It also of course will stay in the house longer to give further brand exposure throughout the days when football is not on TV.
“The Pizza Hut Foosball Pizza Box was a great opportunity to remind football fans that pizza goes best with their football. We always want to go above and beyond when catering to our audience and given how fatigued the community has been this year, offering fun beyond just food, and bringing an experience like this to life, right in your pizza box, is the perfect way to make people smile.”
Making packaging sustainable comes in many different forms and from the images below you can see how the notion can be taken further.
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