online plastic-free groceries

The plastic-free movement is growing strong and with more startups looking to make their mark for a better planet, we can now turn to the latest idea that we think will be the future of online retail.
Zero Grocery is a startup that delivers food in custom glass jars. They have taken the Ocado model of returning bags back and taken it even further. Instead of returning your bags and get a small monetary incentive, you now return their jars so that they can be reused to cut down packaging waste. With the service, it's possible to purchase everything from yogurt and milk to greens and potato chips without the need for a single plastic wrap in sight. They even thought of how chilled items can be more environmentally friendly by supplying them with appropriate ice packs, which can also be returned when it's time for your next order.
Zero Grocery is somewhat of a re-invention of the old milk floats that used to deliver all your daily fresh items with minimum packaging. You can see that this concept will start to force other online food retailers to change or add to their business models to become more sustainable.
To get people to buy into these concepts, ease of use, good branding, and trusted food supplies will play huge factors in getting people to change habits that have been with them for generations.
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