new material made out of seafood shells & coffee ground waste

The search for new sustainable materials to ease the pressure on our planet is a challenge that every company should participate in.
One such example is Tômtex—a material made from seafood shells and coffee grounds. They have made an innovative textile developed by Vietnamese designer Uyen Tran who extracts the chitin biopolymer from shrimp, crab, and lobster shells, and combines them with coffee waste. The combination of these elements can then be dyed with natural pigments to produce a variety of colours to suit the needs of product developers.
These sorts of strides not only benefit the planet but also animal welfare, as the materials are made purely from waste. This development also shows that every corner of the world is coming up with solutions to problems for the global good and not only that, they are doing it by using materials familiar to them.
Image Credit: Dezeen
Source: Trend Hunter
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