new artist focus: Yemisi Williams

It is important when trying to establish new products on shelf that the risk is taken with your approach. Risk usually comes in the form of untried and untested talent.
One brand that has given local artists a chance to shine is the Nigerian brewery Bature (via Pim Pam). They hosted a design contest to design their new range of aluminum cans and one of the artists that won was Yemisi Williams.
Her use of bold colours and geometric shapes that encapsulate the unique and brilliant culture that is West African craft, is something that she does with perfect simplicity. Her design for the Bature project really captures what the craft beer movement is about from being unique, memorable, and enticing to customers to want to try something that feels familiar to them (without even most of the time, tasting it).
Her two designs were made under the brief names of First Lady IPA and Naija Electric Pale Ale.
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