Navigating the UK Snacking Landscape in 2023

Snacking, an integral part of our daily lives, has never been more under the spotlight.

In the UK, consumers are increasingly discerning about the snacks they choose, emphasising health, indulgence, and a range of emotional needs. The latest insights from Mintel's "UK Consumer Snacking Market Report 2023" provide a captivating glimpse into the multifaceted world of snacking.

This article will delve into the key findings of the report and explore the evolving snacking habits and preferences of UK consumers.


Balancing Health and Indulgence

In 2023, health consciousness is a dominant factor in the snacking choices of UK consumers. Even when selecting snacks as a treat, 24% of snack eaters and buyers are actively seeking health claims, such as low fat/sugar or high fiber/protein content.

This underscores a significant demand for snacks that offer a delightful combination of enjoyment and nutrition, providing what we can term "healthy indulgence." As consumers become more health-savvy, they expect their treats to align with their wellness goals.

Snacking at Home: A Growing Trend

Our homes have become the primary stage for snacking, with 90% of consumers reaching for snacks in their own abode in the two weeks leading up to May 2023.

This percentage has risen compared to 2022, indicating a pronounced shift in snacking behavior. The downward trend in households' reported financial well-being since late 2021 has spurred cutbacks on out-of-home leisure occasions, boosting the allure of evenings in and other potential snacking opportunities at home.

The kitchen table, the living room, or even the home office desk have become our favourite snacking spots.

Guilt and the Snacking Dilemma

Interestingly, the act of snacking doesn't always bring pure delight. The report reveals that 40% of snack eaters and buyers experience feelings of guilt associated with their snacking habits.

This inner conflict is intriguing, given that 60% of these individuals still believe that indulging in unhealthy snacks can be a part of a balanced diet. This paradox explains the complex nature of the snacking market, where there is room for success stories at both ends of the healthy to unhealthy spectrum.

The report reaffirms that opportunities abound in both the health-conscious and indulgent snacking categories.

Beyond Hunger: Snacking for Emotions

Snacking isn't just about satisfying physical hunger; it's a response to a wide array of emotional needs. According to Mintel's research, half of snack eaters do not cite satisfying hunger as the primary reason for snacking.

Instead, they turn to snacks to treat themselves (41%), satisfy a craving (37%), cheer themselves up (21%), or relax and de-stress (23%). While some of these reasons have slightly receded compared to 2021 (during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic), they remain crucial drivers of snacking behavior.

Brands are encouraged to align their snack offerings with these emotional needs, creating products that cater to diverse consumer desires.


Mintel's "UK Consumer Snacking Market Report 2023" provides a fascinating glimpse into the evolving landscape of snacking in the UK. Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning, seeking snacks that offer both health benefits and indulgence.

With home snacking on the rise and a complex interplay between guilt and the desire for balance in snacking, the market presents multifaceted opportunities for brands to explore. The data showcases that snacking is about more than just appeasing hunger; it's a holistic experience that touches upon emotional and nutritional aspects.

As the snacking industry continues to evolve, brands that can navigate this complex terrain are poised for success in the dynamic and diverse world of UK snacking.

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