natural highs: the strategies driving mood-enhancing non-alcoholic drinks

Euphoric's are part blending adaptogens (herbs that help the body adapt to stress), nootropics (compounds that help enhance cognition), and botanicals (plants that balance flavour and function) that together, lift the mind and relax the body so we can enjoy a tipple with natural highs without the need for alcohol.
Kin is one of the first to market and below is a transcript taken from Nylon which gives a great account of what to expect from the drink.
"I'm not going to lie, I went into it expecting Kin to be BS. I've thrown adaptogenic powders into my smoothies, and I've sprinkled nootropic mushrooms into my coffee, and have tried a thousand other Goop-recommended tinctures, powders, and supplements, and never once did I notice anything feel any different. And, I'm sorry, I think that CBD is great for topical pain and the occasional anxious day and whatnot, but most times I drink a CBD beverage, I just want to take a nap.
But when I first tried Kin by having a couple of drinks at home with my husband, oh, I definitely felt something. It tastes rather herbal and earthy—which, I found to be quite nice. However, to fully enjoy Kin as a "cocktail" (mocktail?)
It began to kick in within about 15 minutes or so. When I noticed myself start to laugh uncontrollably at a (not that funny) joke my husband made. I knew something about me had been altered.
It's hard to really put into words what a "rise" feels like. I felt giggly and warm in a way that is somewhat comparable to feeling slightly tipsy or a little bit stoned, but minus the anxiety, or the sloppiness, or sluggishness, I just felt, simply put, nice.
The second night, I wanted to take Kin out with me. Because it's is sold in a large 500mL glass bottle, it's not exactly easy to throw into your purse and bring with you to the party (I asked some of my friends if they had a "chic flask"
I could borrow, and got back pretty puzzled looks in return), I opted for having a couple of drinks at home before making my way out. While I definitely felt myself "rising" while en route to a friend's birthday party and feeling quite fuzzy and nice in the early moments of the evening, the effects do wear off in about an hour.
Therefore, if you're planning to have a late-night, you're going to want to figure out a way to bring it with you."
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