McDonald's happy meal with free Travis Scott toy

McDonald's made the rather bold move in having Travis Scott feature in a Happy Meal offering. This is something that was a brave choice due to the artist in question not fitting their family-friendly profile for his hard-hitting lyrics in his songs.
However, with established restaurant brands now facing increased competition from new healthy eating startups to tech boosted dark kitchens, it is sensible for a more dynamic approach when trying to retain and indeed gain new customers.
The fact this collaboration was aimed at young adults (mainly in Gen X and Z segmentation) shows a great deal of outside the box thinking.
It would have been researched that the "collectible" factor of having something that is not widely attainable is very much in trend. It stems from the desire to retain some playful and youthful memories from getting free gifts as the main reason to visit a place like McDonald's.
The designer behind the collaboration is well known in the target market and made this collaboration more desirable for fans of the artist. Seoul-based artist ccreatt specialises in three-dimensional artwork.
This sort of brand extension from the part of Travis Scott and product extension from the view of Mcdonald's shows what a little reinvention can do in such a simple way.
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