focus on the trend for brands to show their climate footprint.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and it's not going away anytime soon. It's a problem that affects us all, but it doesn't seem to be on the agenda for many companies.

There are some brands that are committed to tackling climate change and have made a big deal about their commitment. In this article, we'll be taking a look at the trend for brands to show their climate footprint.

Consumers might be used to seeing nutritional information on pre-packaged foods, and now they’re invited to make choices that are beneficial to the planet’s health and their own.

In 2021, a new ‘traffic light’ trial scheme was announced to rank the climate impact of supermarket food products, with major retailers such as M&S and Sainsbury’s signing up; a Europe-wide standard system is also in the works.

Climate-friendly ratings are also found at restaurants including Chipotle, which offers a sustainability tracker for its ingredients, and Italian pasta chain Miscusi, which recently launched in London and is rewarding customers for making greener choices when ordering — the most climate-friendly dishes earn diners extra loyalty points to use on future visits.

Brands such as Human Nature snacks are taking things further by working with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant a tree with every purchase of their snacks. This would offset over 308kg of carbon from the atmosphere over a tree's average lifespan (25 years).

Along with this, they worked with Carbon Cloud to measure their climate footprint to be one of the few brands showing that they are a climate-positive footprint product.

You can see the video they made about what sort of work they need to measure their climate impact.

Source: nation world news.

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