focus on food fashion: fast food should be giving creativity more of a platform

Fast-food chains are starting to give huge platforms for creatives to showcase their take on their brand. In this blog entry, we will focus on one concept for Mcdonald's and one actual collaboration involving Alexandra Wang.
McDonald’s teamed up with fashion designer Alexander Wang to launch the ultimate limited edition lunch bag. Costing around £895!
They are large enough to carry two beverages and a Golden Bucket – a new menu offering with packaging designed by Wang. The crossover capsule, titled the AW Golden Collection, also featured clutches inspired by the look and feel of the brand’s takeaway lunch bags.
Virgil Abloh (Louis Vitton designer) of Off-White™ has inspired many designers to create products using his iconic typography and labeling. As a result, Instagram user @blkvis has created an Off-White™ McDonald’s food packaging complete with a “Black Soul” design. It also incorporates iconic slogans and logo elements like “BIG MAC” and “EXTRA VALUE MEAL.”
While we admire what some of these chains are doing, we do hope that more young artists are given a chance to actually make some of these concepts into reality.
Art can take form in many different canvas settings and the more we follow the lead of such leading retailers as Urban Outfitters (who regularly work with artists) we will inspire new generations to keep thinking outside the box.
Source: HypeBeast
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