artist focus: Travis Scott x Reese's Puffs $50 cereal box

FMCG brands are thinking outside the box when it comes to appealing to the new generation of consumers. Generation Z customers, to be specific, digitally adopt new trends more and build a community spirit from doing so.
They are very influential in the creation of new products as well through new-formed communities and are willing to pay more to have something that not everyone can get.
Brands are not understanding that mass selling of generic brands are slowly changing to limited edition products that can only be bought on a first-come, first-serve basis.
One such fan of a product who appeals to the Generation Z audience is music artist Travis Scott. With an Instagram following of 36 million people, he can influence others to buy into things he loves. One of the last collaborations we would have thought he would do is with a cereal brand, but that is what he did.
It seems as though Travis Scott is a major fan of Reese’s Puffs. So much so that he has teamed up with the brand to launch a series of special edition cereal boxes carrying Cactus Jack visuals.
The packaging was designed by Scott and the first 250 boxes were sold for $50 each. The aim of Travis was to reflect and unite his creative style with Reese’s Puffs’ branding.
Take a look at the designs below.
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