artist focus: the killers enter the food category with hot sauces

Musicians are constantly looking for ways to increase their revenue streams. This approach will more than likely grow with the issues of Covid-19 plaguing live entertainment. We have already seen many music artists make some great products to diversify their brand into categories ranging from food and drink to electronics (Beats by Dre).
The Killers have entered the food and drink market with a range of hot sauces named after the band’s albums. This collaboration seems strange at first but it makes allot of sense when music is described as " food for the soul". It also allows a very personal approach from the artist to influence their fans to try the product at a low risk price point.
“Hot Fuss” is the mildest of all four offerings with a heat-level of “1/10,” according to the sauce’s dedicated website. It’s made with aged cayenne peppers and a pinch of sea salt, and it’s described as the “perfect tangy Louisiana hot sauce that goes well on everything.”
The next step up in heat-level is the “Fire In Bone,” given a score of '3/10". Made from fresh jalapenos, serrano, cilantro, dried garlic, onions and green chilis..
Turning up the heat, “Caution” packs a heat-score of “5/10.” Prepared with ingredients Hickory-smoked sea salt, habanero, hatch, tellicherry peppers, dried garlic, onion and some brown sugar, the sauce is described to have a flavor that tastes like it’s been stewing for years, and it’s also Brandon Flowers’ (lead singer) favorite.
The last sauce marked as “10/10,” the hottest flavour in the entire range, is “Blowback,” a sauce that’s “so hot, you can’t stop eating it.” Made from plenty of ghost pepper, habanero and hatch chili, complemented by hickory-smoked sea salt, a blend of garlic, onion, brown sugar and black peppers.
The Killers’ hot sauces were available on the band’s website for $60 USD per bottle — only 2500 cases are available. This is certainly more expensive than a signed autograph but it's definitely more unique and personal for fans to attain from their idols.
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