artist focus: Bodil Jane

Standing out from the crowd of creatives is challenging and it needs different ingenious disciplines to come together in order to win eyeballs, hearts, and minds.
Bodil Jane is an artist who has worked on various projects in the FMCG sector to give brands a chance to win new customers and also give them a new personality.
When brands work with her they do not just get an artist who makes things look "pretty".
In her words "Bodil Jane has garnered a following for illustrating detailed, colourful windows into the worlds of women everywhere".
Brands that have successfully worked with her get a touch of Frida Kahlo living in a world painted by Raoul Dufy, with the help of Henri Matisse to paint the plants.
Camden Hells brewery has used her positive energy to make their brand more friendly and appealing to a new audience.
You can see from her works how she influenced the brand to go further towards her artistic integrity when strategising their marketing approach.
You can find other works she has done on her website here:
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