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Dippin' Dots Cotton Candy Milk Straws

Dippin' Dots Cotton Candy Milk Straws

Transform your milk into a whimsical treat with Dippin' Dots Cotton Candy Flavored Milk Straws! Just "Dip & Sip" to infuse your milk with the magical taste of cotton candy, making every gulp a fun-filled carnival experience.

  • Natural flavours
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No Aspartame K or Acesulfame
  • Fat-free

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Fructose, Natural Flavourings, Black Carrot juice concentrate, Acid: Citric Acid, Colour [Carotenes (BetaCarotene)].

Nutritional information (typical values per 100g): Energy 1677kJ/ 395kcal, Fat 0g (of which saturates 0g), Carbohydrate 99g (of which sugars 98g), Fibre 0g, Protein 0g, Salt 0g.


Product format:12x(10x0.21 oz) (60g)

Product code: DDCCMS121006-US

Product format: 20x(5x0.21 oz) (30g)

Product code: DDCCMS200506-US




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