sustainability policy

  • we care for whatever is next

  • We support sustainability in our product development by setting measurable targets that help protect people, communities, and the planet:*

    Our business mission and values are made to address this #whateverittakes.


    renewable energy

    Reducing C02 through cleaner airs by 200 tonnes by supporting green projects and manufacturing practices.


    We create products that are free from animal derivatives and that protect their habitats.


    We are creating our own company forests by partnering with local organisations and farmers. We also work with our suppliers to replant the resources we use to create our products. 


    cleaner oceans

    We invest in plastic-free solutions from using plastic ocean waste to make our products to developing new technology that eliminates the need for plastic.


    We use more eco-friendly materials for all our packaging.

    sourcing better ingredients

    We invest profits in plant-based technology.


    better working

    We not only have great working conditions in our factories we encourage them to create greener jobs.

  • our action plan

    Our action plan is inspired by the UN’s sustainable development targets.

    We help by:

    • Actively seeking natural & innovative ways to eliminate harmful ingredients.
    • Supporting a new plant base approach in ingredients cultivation.
    • Implementing a reforestation program by employing local farmers to grow new forests that provide us all with better climate conditions via​:
    1. Cleaner air
    2. Better Soil
    3. Purer water
    4. Increased fauna for animals
    • Reducing our impact on the environment by partnering with manufacturers that share our mission to lower our planet's carbon footprint.
    • Ensuring we offset our own carbon footprint by supporting clean energy initiatives.
  • how we are doing so far...